Immersive Brand Experience Design

developing a brand that can go above and beyond with full immersion through a total experience that surrounds the audience.
When you go to a party ... imagine all the five sense happening around you ...
the food, the drinks, the decor, the scents, the musics, the crowds, and the conversations ... 
implement them to your brand, now we have Immersive Brand Experience. 
This is the future of marketing and branding.

Creativity / Brand Total-Experience Consultation

 evaluating the current value of your brand and providing you the solutions to increase its potential.
 Let's take your idea to the next level!

Storytelling Coaching

analyzing and crafting the perfect narrative for your brands, business, restaurants, screenplays, music videos, or offices.

Multimedia Content Creation - film/video, website, installations

producing and creating creative content.
The secret recipe is
 20+ years of toying with cameras, video tapes, bass guitars, and crayons
+ 4 years of a proper training to become a producer
+ 4 years of living in world's most artistic community + an extensive network of creative artists, collaborators, and friends

Visual Media Directing

ranging from good old fashioned tv commercial, behind the scene shoots,  to any other alternative media you can wildly imagine 

Project Management

managing projects and making films are very similar in so many levels,
except for the fact that there's no DP (diva of photography) on the team.